LED Technology

LED Solutions

Energy sustainability begins with conservation and energy savings. With a LED lighting system you will reduce wasteful energy by 50%-90% compared to other conventional lighting products.

LEDs are highly rugged and feature no filament that can be damaged due to shock and vibrations. The operational life of LEDs last 10 to 40 times longer than traditional lighting products, while maintaining consistent light output over life.

With a smaller crew comes less bunk space, less hotels, less plane flights, less catering, less Per Diem, and less local stagehands. Additionally less truck space is needed, thus less fuel is used and fewer emissions are created. 

As the electrical consumption is reduced, the typical need for generators to power the lighting system is gone. LEDs systems can run 100% on house power in most cases, saving the high cost of generator rental. 

There is limited heat produced on stage, which means the lights themselves do not create a need for air conditioning.  LED lighting technologies assist to reduce the carbon footprint by developed countries, yet allow them to continue to grow without a commensurate increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

“The LED solution is before us and now is the time to embrace it. We must all start sooner rather than later to move to technology that is energy efficient, cost effective and eco friendly. LED lighting is just that solution and Bandit is committed!”

Michael T. Strickland, Chairman
Bandit Lites, Inc.