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cov-aid: Live events Rolling out covid-19 vaccine

January 27, 2021 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – The Live Events industry is thrilled to announce the launch of COV-AID, an effort to assist with increasing the speed and efficiency of vaccine inoculations for COVID-19 in the United States. In a letter sent to President Biden January 26th, industry giants formally offered their venues, staff, and expertise to the COVID-19 vaccination effort.

The Live Event Industry is one of the best prepared, best equipment, and most experienced industries in the world to manage and control large crowds in a rapid fashion. Moving people swiftly and safely is one of the cornerstones of the foundation of the Live Event Industry.

The COV-AID Leadership Team is connected with the Biden Transition Team, the HHS, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, the National Governors Association and several Senators and Representatives across the nation. The COV-AID Leadership Team includes leaders from across the industry including Bandit Lites, Live Nation, AEG, C3 Presents, Red Light Management and the many organizations that have worked for the industry in the past months.

Using the infrastructure already in place from We Make Events North American network, regions will help identify a venue or multiple venues as potential sites for inoculation. Local health and medical officials will work with Live Event people to design the set up for each area. The Live Event teams will execute the physical set up and provide needed infrastructure from local production firms. The local Live Event staff in each market will serve as labor (directing and coordinating 'people traffic') each day while the local medical staff handle all the actual medical details.

“The millions of people in the Live Event Industry stand ready to assist the White House, the HHS and the medical community to deal with the logistics of people flow,” said Bandit Lites Chair, Michael T. Strickland. “This will free up medical staff that are currently not able to assist with giving shots. This alone will be a huge win and increase the number of vaccines given.”

There is an expected supply surge of vaccines in mid to late February as Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson should all make such available. The AstraZeneca solution is thought to be close after that.

A coordinated effort by the medical teams with the Live Events Industry will assure the fastest, safest delivery of vaccine inoculations in the U.S. by managing large crowds in a manner which the Live Event Industry do, virtually every day!

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