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bandit- LED north america introduce evolutionary led sports lighter

February 14, 2014 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE- Entertainment lighting industry leader Bandit Lites has formed a partnership with LED North America and is introducing an evolutionary new product into the world of arena sports lighting.

For the last three years the team has worked to develop the smallest, lightest, brightest all LED solution for arena sports lighting. The result is the SuperSport, a 400 watt, 35,000 lumen output fixtures that weighs just over 20 pounds and is the size of a couple shoe boxes.  The fixture has an efficacy of 89 lm/W and produces energy savings of up to 85% compared to conventional arena lighting solutions.

The SuperSport replaces traditional fixtures that weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, thus when an arena utilizes the SuperSport, they actually increase the load bearing capacity of their facility. A facility with 100 current fixtures weighing 125 pounds will gain 10,000 pounds of load bearing capacity by using the new Bandit-LENA SuperSport, while also saving up to 85% on their energy bill. This means the arena can facilitate heavier, larger traveling shows than before, while saving huge amounts on their energy bill.

The evolutionary SuperSport utilizes a patented Graphite Foam technology under exclusive license from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the world’s leading research facility. The foam serves to super cool the LEDs and allow for maximum output without thermal compromise. The foam carries the heat away from the LEDs instantly allowing the increased efficiency of the LEDS. All of the LEDs are from Cree, the world leader in LED technology. This endeavor is a world class partnership between ORNL, Cree and Bandit-LEDNA. The Graphite Foam technology is only available through Bandit-LEDNA.

The initial installation of fixtures is under way in Thompson Boling Arena at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The world premiere of the product takes place at the Pollstar Live 2014 conference being held at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee February 19 through the 21st. Bandit-LEDNA will have a booth open daily from 8 to 5 allowing inspection of the SuperSport and conversation with the designers. On Thursday February 20th and Friday February 21st at 2 PM there will be a demonstration held at the Bridgestone Arena across the street in order to see the SuperSport function in an arena. Please see representatives of Bandit-LEDNA in the booth to sign up for the demonstration.

The SuperSport is an intelligent fixture that offers constant real time feedback which is monitored remotely by Bandit-LEDNA. Further, Bandit-LEDNA offers ongoing maintenance and service to remove those issues from the local facility. The mere installation of an LED source will reduce maintenance by up to 90%. With the extended service program Bandit-LEDNA will tailor a solution to each venue that allows them to never need to worry about lighting again. Bandit-LEDNA is providing light to the venue, not just a fixture. The world renowned Bandit Lites team has been in most every venue in the world over the last 45 years and understands the complex nature of these venues and their sports lighter needs. The legendary back up and support Bandit is known for will deliver service to the SuperSport fixtures.

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