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SHinedown and three days grace rock with bandit lites

February 15, 2013 | Category: Print

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE - Bandit Lites is excited to be out on the road with two of hard rocks best bands as Shinedown and Three Days Grace hit the road for a dual headlining February tour. The tour kicked off February 1 in Moline, Illinois at the iWireless Center.

Shinedown lighting designer Carter Fulghum and Three Days Grace lighting designer Mike Filsinger created two incredible performances filled with throbbing lights that enhanced the high octane music and incredible pyrotechnics.

With both bands co-headlining, Fulghum and Filsinger worked to reconfigure the rig to be more arena friendly, as the rig had previously been designed for amphitheaters. Additionally, fixtures and fixture placements were changed to accommodate both bands.

“Designing a rig for two artists can be a challenge,” said Filsinger. “Keeping both bands happy both visually and financially can turn into a full on brawl but luckily in this case, it was a breeze.”

Fulghum worked with production manager Colin West, tour manager Eddie Gowan and Brent Smith, the lead singer of Shinedown, to design Shinedown’s rig. Drawing inspiration from the previous UPROAR tour rig, Brent and Carter added a circle truss with a video screen, an addition that proved to be both unique and challenging. Each video was to correspond to a specific song, an effort that Viggy Vignola and Fulghum worked very closely with.

“We used Moo TV for the video wall and programmed it with a catalyst being triggered by a Grand MA 1 console,” explained Fulghum. “Brent and I spent about five days going through clip after clip and putting it into the show.”

Equipment included Martin’s MAC Viper, VL 3500 Wash, Clay Paky Sharpys, Bandit 5x5 Blinders and Bandits’ GRN Moving Wash lights.

“Both Carter and I are using Mac Vipers for the first time in this rig and I can say I am liking them,” said Filsinger. “The lighter, brighter aspect is definitely a plus as they do need to match the output of the Sharpies in the rig.”

“(Shinedown) also wanted a lot of beams in the show so we used the 3500's with a buxom internal lens and a clear lens on the front. That would give a wash and then you could also have a tighter beam as well. We also have mesh flown upstage next to the circle and used Bandits’ Green Moving Wash lights to light that element.”

“Carter and Mike have worked together closely to accomplish a stunning lighting design that allow each of them to provide a very creatively distinct lighting show for each of their artists,” said Bandits’ business development officer Brent Barrett. “They both have been a true pleasure and gentlemen in arriving at a lighting design in a co-head design situation that could have just as easily been very challenging.”

“Dealing with Brent at Bandit and an experienced lighting director and designer like Carter has been great,” said Filsinger. “If I was a younger man I would try to learn a thing or two from Carter, but I’m way past that - old dog new tricks,” he added kiddingly. “It has been great so far!”

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me put this together,” added Fulghum. “Brent Barrett, Michael Strickland, Matt King, Jake Tickle, Dizzy Gosnell, Eddie Gowan, Colin West, Viggy Vignola, Nick Palladino, Scott Scovill and Paul Holst for recommending me for the job as well as all the help. I would also like to thank the band for all there help and input, Brent Smith, Berry Kerch, Zach Myers and Eric Bass.”

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