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BANDIT adds robe equipment to inventory

August 28, 2013 | Category: Print

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE– Bandit Lites is adding to its massive inventory with the purchase of several Robe products. Bandit will be the first in the industry to debut these fixtures on global superstar Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance Tour.

While having no previous experience with the product, after visiting the factory, Gomez’s creative director and production designer Seth Jackson and lighting designer Nathan W. Scheuer were in agreement that they wanted to utilize Robe’s new fixtures.

“It is really Kevin Loretto’s tenacity in pushing us to see the factory that changed everything,” said Jackson. “Nathan and myself had quite the experience when visiting the factory. Seeing the dedication to the product, the manufacturing process, everyone’s commitment to the company just sent us both away with a real appreciation for the uniqueness of what Robe is doing and the elegance and quality of what they are building.”

The tour includes 10 Robin 600s, 8 1200s, 14 Pointes, and 34 Robin 100s. The Robe 100s line the S runway that goes 40ft into the house, the 1200s are on the house trusses, and the pointes are all over the stage while the 600s are on a mid-stage truss to light the dancers.

Following a successful purchase of flawless Digitalspot DT-7000 for a lighting design by Simon Tutchener for a Mark Knopfler tour, Bandit was excited to expand its inventory even further with more Robe fixtures.

“The entire Robe line is very versatile and loaded with unique features,” said Jake Tickle, Bandits’ director of technical services. “The Point (from Robe) is a great versatile, mid-range fixture. It has the feature set of both a beam fixture as well as a 700watt profile.”

“Kevin Loretto, Heather Busch, and Harry Von den Stemmen were instrumental in making a deal for these fixtures come to fruition,” added Bandits’ president, Pete Heffernan. “Kevin’s desire to take care of the designer illustrated that Robe has the same mindset as Bandit to get the tour set up with the proper tools that will make the show all it can possibly be and take total care of the designer’s vision.”

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