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BANDit Lites purchases p1 retro lamps

August 02, 2017 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Bandit Lites’ touring inventory continues to grow with the addition of Portman Custom Light’s P1 Retro Lamps, the striking fixture that can function both as an incandescent light source and a bold set piece.

With seven DMX channels, built in dimmers and electronic kit, seven 230 watt halogen lamps and the capability to be installed on a tripod or hang on a clamp, the P1 Retro Lamp is sure to be seen at venues across the country in the near future.

“In an industry pushing the envelope of LED technology, it is refreshing to see the incandescent lamp make a return to our industry,” said Jake Tickle, Bandit Lites’ Director of Technical Services. “A few manufacturers have made them easier to use and integrate with new technology, including a well thought menu system and on board dimming.”

These new fixtures can be seen on the forthcoming Gavin DeGraw tour, utilized by Lighting Designer Jarrett Goldman.

“The Portman 1 Retro has a big unique look while being light weight and well-constructed,” finished Tickle. “I look forward to seeing what Portman Custom Lights gives the industry next.”

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