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bandit lites expands i.t. department

September 07, 2016 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Bandit Lites, the world’s foremost concert lighting company, is continuing to increase its ranks with the hiring of Steve Feathers and promotion of Jeff Vogt at its corporate offices.

Jeff Vogt joined Bandit fourteen years ago as the Network Administrator, and was recently promoted to Director of Computer Resources, making him responsible for the global information technology of all operations of Bandit Lites.   

“I’m very grateful and honored for the promotion and the trust Michael Strickland has giving me,” said Vogt of his promotion. “Being with the company for almost 15 years as Network Admin has given me the knowledge to succeed in my new role with Bandit Lites, and I’m looking forward to the bright future that I can bring the company in my position.”

With Jeff Vogt’s promotion, Bandit hired Steve Feathers at Bandit’s Nashville office as the Network Administrator, where he maintains servers, security solutions and all network hardware for the entire company.

Feathers joins Bandit after tenures at various industries in I.T., including manufacturing, retail, airlines and banking, but this is his first foray into the exciting entertainment industry.

“I think Bandit is a great company to work for,” shared Feathers. “The people here are very professional and work hard. They enjoy what they do and don’t mind spending time educating me on the various lights and boards.”

“The promotion of Jeff Vogt was a logical and perfect next step for our continued growth,” said Bandit Chair Michael T. Strickland. “Jeff is a long standing and trusted team member, and has already excelled in his new position. Finding Steve Feathers was an absolute stroke of luck for us: At a time when we needed a highly qualified network capable person Steve became available. Bandit if very fortunate to have both of these gentlemen!”

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