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HANK williams jr. gets rowdy with bandit lites

September 21, 2016 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Country music legend Hank Williams Jr. is wrapping up his co-headlining tour with Chris Stapleton with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.

Lighting designer Bart Burnham shared the vision for the production came from a collaboration between tour manager Charlie Sanderson, Production Manager Billy Kline and Stage Manager Jimmy Davis.

“The concept was to create a more intimate setting for Hank's acoustic set, use lighting fixtures to spell HANK and to project Hank logo's onto the backdrop and traveler curtain, which would be closed during the intro track and acoustic set,” said Burnham.

On the downstage truss, Martin MAC Auras provided a wash for the band and audience warmers during the introduction and acoustic numbers while GLP Impression X4s were used as band specials and as a wash look for Hank’s acoustic sets. VL 3000s featuring custom gobos focused on the traveler when closed and on the band set carts when inclement weather inhibited the traveler from being utilized.

“I used the other VL3000's to project breakup patterns on the traveler and as audience light when the traveler was open,” said Burnham adding, “and Chauvet Nexus 7x7 panels as audience light and lettering to spell HANK and HANK JR.”

The mid stage truss featured the traveler curtain, Martin MAC Auras for band wash light and audience warmers, VL 3000s for color and effects and VL 3500 to project Hank’s logo. Additionally, the upstage truss included more Auras, VL 3000s and Clay Paky Sharpys for colors and effects, while the floor package on two set carts featured Auras for wash looks and Sharpys for effects.

Chris Stapleton, the Grammy-award winning country music artist, shares part of the downstage truss and utilizes Bandit supplied motors and truss for their touring design.

“It has been a pleasure working the Production Team on Hank Williams Jr. as they have been nothing short of professional,” said Bandit’s Client Representative Shawn Lear. “Bart Burnham is both clear and concise in his direction and vision what he wanted to accomplish from a lighting stand point. The result was a very well thought out design with every light having its purpose.

“We accomplished every goal set for this tour thanks to everyone at Bandit Lites,” Burnham said of his experience with Bandit. “I can't thank Shawn Lear, Andy French and Taylor Dugos enough for their dedication and flexibility in making this a successful and memorable event.”

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