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Nashville grammy nominee party celebrates with bandit lites

February 03, 2016 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – With only weeks away until the music industry gathers for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Nashville’s Grammy chapter gathered for an evening of celebration with nominees such as Little Big Town, Ashley Monroe, Point of Grace and Mr. Talkbox. Bandit Lites provided a lighting package for the event with Chris Lisle Lighting Design and Erik Parker as programmer.

Clay Paky’s Scenius fixtures helped to set the mood for the evening, with some placed in the media room for texture along the back wall while others were placed in the gathering space with a small stage and cocktail tables. VL 2500s were loaded with custom Grammy gobos and projected in each room along with an additional 2500 fixture as a special on the stage. GRN Battens and ColorBlazes illuminated the set pieces in the media room, while Par 64s and Lekos provided general washes on both the step and repeat and the stage.

“With these types of events there is always a challenge of providing enough light for guests to see safely, while maintaining a cool vibe in the room and also providing enough light necessary for the media’s camera crews,” explained Parker. “I think with this mixture of fixtures, we were really able to achieve each thing: The texture on the walls from the Scenius fixtures and the set pieces helped provide ambiance and a great vibe throughout the event, while the conventional fixtures were great at getting the key light we needed.”

Parker credited the team at the Nashville Grammy Chapter for relinquishing creative control and giving the lighting design team ‘free-range,’ saying, “They’ve worked with Chris for many years, so there is a great deal of trust there. As far as programming, I put together what I thought looked good throughout the room and we walked together to tweak little things as we felt was needed. It was really painless and had a great outcome!”

Bandit Lites is incredibly proud to aid in such a prestigious event, and worked to make the day as efficient as possible.

“The prep done for this show made load-in quick and easy, resulting in a pretty simple day and happy clients,” Parker expounded. “The gear all looked great and they were very professional. (Lighting technician) Andrew Heid was diligent in making sure the gear all worked and was up to par with our expectations on cleanliness and professionalism.”

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