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bandit supplies SGM G-4 wash on nfl draft experience

May 29, 2017 | Category: Print

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – Bandit Lites recently wrapped another successful venture with C3 Presents on lighting components of the NFL Draft, using strategically placed SGM G-4 Washes at the Entrance Portal where thousands of fans streamed through to celebrate the annual football draft selection.

“SGM G-4 Washes provided the key lighting for hanging sponsorship banners and the NFL Crest,” said Bandit Lites Client Representative Shawn Lear, who facilitated designing the lighting for the entrance.

The G-4 Wash utilizes a compact, lightweight size, while still packing a high-powered Fresnel wash, rendering rich, saturated colors, with an impressive zoom range of 9°- 76°, all with low power consumption. The wireless DMX is user-friendly, and proves to be convenient for any indoor or outdoor application.

With the entirety of the Draft taking place outside for the first time ever, the hardiness of the G-4 Washes proved to be invaluable when considering the exposure to all the elements.

“We chose the G-4 Wash fixture for SGM’s IP65/IP66 rating. The fixtures proved themselves solid in the the wet climate,” added Lear. “The fixtures were flawless and provided critical lighting without failure.”  

“The greatest strength of the fixture is its ability to continually work no matter what environmental condition we put it in,” said Bandit’s Director of Technical Services, Jake Tickle. “Rain, snow, sleet and hail: this fixture is more reliable than the mail man. Its compact nature allows it to be placed nearly anywhere without compromising functionality and output.”

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