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ETC Features bandit installation at training for new rigging line

March 08, 2013 | Category: Print

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – ETC’s recent training session for factory representatives on their new Prodigy variable speed rigging featured a Bandit Lites’ installation at a Nashville school. Bandits’ director of sales, Chris Barbee, was on site to offer insight into installing the new rigging system.

“It was a beautiful facility that had the equipment in both variable and six-speed rigging, and it allowed us easy access to the grid to show people the equipment,” said ETC’s Gary Henley. “Rather than a conference room with a projector, we thought that if we had the opportunity to take them to a working space and see the equipment and have the installer there to explain the process, it would be much more practical.”

When Ensworth School received a donation to continue the master plan for the high school theater, the independent school contracted Bandit to design and install an automated rigging system for the facility. The school had not been able to fund any moveable rigging during the original construction four years prior.

The client and Bandit chose the new ETC Prodigy Hoist system which allowed for a streamlined installation process and a cleaner look. The system included 4 fixed-speed and 7 variable-speed linesets, controlled by a Foundation controller. This installation was only the second variable speed system installed by ETC at the time.

With the four motorized electrics, Ensworth is able to more easily maintain their lighting fixtures. In addition, motorized scenic pipes allow scenery and drapes to fly in from above instead of rolling in sets on wheels from offstage during a production.

One initial challenge for the installation was choosing a rigging system that did not require any adjustments to the structure of the building. An advantage of the new ETC rigging is how it does not transfer any lateral load to the structure, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed on the building. 

With the distinct advantage of managing the installation of the new rigging, Barbee spent some time during the workshop to answer questions regarding the installation and completion of the product.

“I was pleased to share our knowledge about our process and installation of the system,” said Barbee. “The factory representatives are tasked with specifying this equipment, and being able to share the installation side of the product makes their job much easier.”

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